Viseart Theory Palettes REVIEW

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So, today is finally the day for the Viseart Theory Palettes review! For those who follow me on Instagram knows that I in a recent post said that I will be doing a review on these palettes from Viseart, but I just never got around to it. And before my IG post I had been planning on doing this review since June! So it's about time!

Viseart Theory Palettes. 3 pocket-sized eyeshadow palettes that all comes with 6 eyeshadows each. 3 mattes and 3 metallic/shimmers. Like I mentioned there is a total of 3 different palettes: Cashmere (neutral), Minx (warm-toned) and Chroma (cool-toned grey). The actual palette is very small but the pans are quite large so you do get a lot of product. The pans are removable.
I own Cashmere and Minx. Chroma didn't really speak to me all that much, I feel like I have so many similar shades and since I don't do a lot of dark smoky-eyes (using grey and black) anymore I didn't feel like I would get any use out of it. But if cool tones are your thing - definitely check out Chroma! It has a beautiful icy white metallic/shimmer shade that I secretly crave and I almost bought the palette for that shade only. But I stopped myself, haha. Maybe in the future, who knows?

$45 each. You can find these at
& as well as

I will keep this as short as I possibly can.
I love these palettes! But before I go on, I just want to quickly mention that: I might not use them as often as I would like to, but on the other hand I don't put on makeup that often and on top of that I have so much to choose from - and I do have a few favorite palettes above these, but that's simply because I like a bit more color and I'm the type of person who like being able to choose from more than 6 colors. but, with that being said, if you are looking for something classy and everyday friendly - this is it. It's very sophisticated. And if I were to do my makeup knowing that it has to look good (for a date or a special occasion etc where there is no room to f* up) the Viseart Theory Palettes are definitely on my list of palettes that I would use. I just know that the result will look good no matter what. And I love to have that type of a security blanket. So yeah, even though they don't get as much love as they should - they are still some of the best quality shadows that I own. I might prefer the colors in let's say Anastasia Modern Renaissance or whatever it may be, but like I said: when I want a classy look or just not in the mood to experiment - these are some of my go to.

But let's talk about the actual product itself!
The quality is everything. They are so smooth and creamy, they feel so soft to the touch and the pigmentation is crazy good! They also have a very nice blendability and are easy to work with. They give a professional result and no matter how long you've been doing makeup - you will benefit from these! The thing that I love about the Theory Palettes is that, first of all: they are so easy to store and to carry with you. Since they are pocket-size they fit everywhere and therefore they are easy to travel with or just to bring with you no matter what you are doing. It doesn't have to be that you are actually out traveling the world - no matter if you are going from room to room, house to house, city to city or country to country - since they are so easy to carry around you are more likely to use them. I often don't use my big palettes (like morphe for example) because they are just too big. Sometimes I like to do my makeup in another room and frankly, 9 out of 10 times its the products that are easy to carry that gets to come with me.

I also love the fact that all these colors goes together perfectly so you don't have to worry about mismatching! It doesn't matter if you are going to a business meeting, having a fun night out or just your everyday work (or school) - I promise that you will be able to create an appropriate look for all of these occasions.

Who do I recommend these to? Anyone who like more basic shades and want a go-to palette for your everyday occasions. You will get a lot of use and variety out of each palette, and if you want a pop of color you can just add in a single shadow and you are good to go. I think that, in my case where I own so much makeup and love the creative side of things and being able to choose from multiple colors - palettes like theTheory ones might end up in the background unintentionally. It has nothing to do with the quality or anything like that - I just have so much to choose from! If I were to do my makeup more often and actually had to do an everyday look - these would probably be on my top 3 list. And I also love the fact that the result always turns out great. It just does. So, I definitely recommend these palettes to everyone who feel like it's their type of colors - because the quality is THERE. It's insanely good!

Let's see some swatches!

Cashmere & Minx

I really hope that you appreciate this blogpost and review. I hope to see you in my next one! Until then, take care.xx



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