Violet Voss x Laura Lee SWATCHES + REVIEW

Hi guys! Since the Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette is launching today I thought I'll do a quick swatch-post and give my two cents about the palette, in case you haven't decided on it yet. So...I was hoping that I had the time to take some better pictures with better lighting (and a more clear background) - and I'll still might do that in the near future [I know that it's limited edition, but I haven't heard if this is the only chance to get your hands on it or if they are planning to do another restock?] - but since it's launching today and I haven't had the time to take better pictures, these will have to do - even though the lighting and the quality sucks.👎🏼

Let's jump right into it!

Here is some info about the palette:

UPDATE: from what I can see on their website they only ship to the U.S and Canada at the moment, which is super weird since they usually ship internationally. I'll look into this more but at the moment and for this launch it looks like they won't ship internationally - but you can always double-check when it goes live. This is very disappointing! I'm glad I got my hands on it at the pre-pre sale. But for my Swedish and non-American/Canadian people - I know that recently started carry Violet Voss, so this palette MIGHT be available on their website in the near future! And if I see or hear anything I'll update you guys!✨

WHAT IS IT?: The famous youtuber with over a million subscribers, Laura Lee, has created her own eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the brand Violet Voss that (among other things) was responsible for the famous Holy Grail Palette that had everyone and their mother screaming for those red toned berry shades that we all love. Just proving once again that we can never have enough warm toned eyeshadows. And their second palette, Drenched Metal, was just as pretty in my opinion - and is a great option for those who like more of a pop of color. The two palettes compliment each other great. And now they've created a third eyeshadow palette with the ever so crazy but yet gorgeous Alabama-sweetheart Laura Lee. Let me just give you a quick spoiler: I like it. A lot.👏🏼

WHERE CAN I BUY IT?: You can purchase this beautiful palette at today June 29th at 10am PST / 1pm EST. Make sure that you set your alarm if you really want this palette - it's better to be safe than sorry. I don't know how big this official launch will be so it might sell out super fast or it might be in stock for a few days/week(s).

AMOUNT/PRICE?: it retails for 45$ (no discount code available) and you get 20 full size eyeshadow pans with a total net weight of 36g/1.26oz

1st row L-R:
Basic, Sugah, Priss Pot, Mama Bird, Raga Muffin

2nd row L-R:
Larlee, Tickled Pink, Hissy Fit, Bitty, 1988

3rd row L-R:
Fleeky, Britches, Fried, Yoshi, Rammer Jammer

4th row L-R:
Alabama, Wiskers, Bubs, Smashlee, Lou

MY OPINION: I don't have that much to say except that you need this palette in your life!💁🏻When I first got it I was honestly blown away - and that doesn't happen very often anymore, to be honest. I'm kind of angry that these pictures doesn't do this palette any justice - it's SOOO much prettier in real life. I hope that I can take some real photos with good lighting soon so that you really can see its potential - but just trust me when I say that this is a beautiful palette. It has all the shades you can possibly need - and want! & since it includes both matte and shimmer shadows you can get a complete look by only using this palette. So if you're traveling - this palette is all you need! You might not want to travel with only one single eyeshadow palette if you're like me and collects makeup (too.many.options. Haha) but it's good to know that it has everything you need for an entire eye look!

The pigmentation is CRAZY - they feel like foiled eyeshadows and the matte ones are super soft and buttery. The color-selection is basically all (or at least most) you can ask for. It's mostly warm-toned but it has a few cool-toned shades here and there. My favorite shades are Tickled Pink, Larlee (gorgeous duochrome), Alabama, Sugah, Mama Bird, Bitty, Rammer Jammer and Hissy Fit. (How cute are these names?!😍) and even though green isn't my shade, I have to give Smashlee a shoutout for being so unique! It's like 50 shades of green👏🏼

In a much shorter version: buy it. Love it. Praise it. It's amazing. You won't be disappointed👌🏼✨



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